Harbor Sign

phoca_thumb_l_1264199696_harbor sign 001The Chamber has refurbished the informational board at the Oconto Municipal Harbor. It was accomplished through the efforts of Jeff Larmay at Vital Signs who designed all the logos and placed a colored vinyl strip on a PVC board and Ron Hayes, Ron Pecha and Bob Schwartz who sought advertisers.


It includes many of our area restaurants, service stations, churches, retail shops, medical facilities, telephone services, etc.  There are 36 individual spots with 30 businesses advertising at this time.  There is also a 2 by 4 foot map of the City of Oconto in the middle with color coded numbers identifying the various businesses.

There are a few additional spots that can be purchased.  Call Jeff @ Vital Signs for additional info and pricing for the artwork at 920-834-5050.  The Chamber has established the pricing for the squares. Many businesses have committed to a 3 year lease for $50 per year. A purchase of one year isn’t $75.

It is a very attractive sign and should be an asset to  visitors, the residents of the area, boaters, snowmobilers, or anyone else who frequents the Harbor and wants a quick overview of the area and the City businesses and the surrounding area.

phoca_thumb_l_1264199842_harbor sign 002 phoca_thumb_l_1264199905_harbor sign 003