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Desert Desserts CO

Contact: Kimberly French
Home 202 B Main Street Oconto WI 54153 Work Phone: 1-586-460-9435 Website: Website


Photo of Desert Desserts CO

Hello and welcome to my little bakery! If you’ve found yourself on this page, I bet you’re wondering about who I am and where I came from since Oconto hasn’t had a bakery in… I’m not sure actually. But I know it’s been a while. So allow me to introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Kim Ashley, and I am the owner of Desert Dessert Co! I opened my cottage bakery originally in the lower area of Michigan in 2022 during one of my most difficult health battles. After having my youngest child (I am a mother of 5 who are 5 and under,) we realized that the health issues that we thought were caused by my pregnancy were not in fact pregnancy caused and I was later diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. At this point of my life I could barely do much of anything. I was in a wheelchair, my husband was tackling the physical aspect of raising the children (THANK GOD FOR HIM!) and all I could really do was sit. So I’d sit for hours and ice sugar cookies… which later became the first product I offered when I opened! Being unable to work drove me crazy so I was very happy to take something I loved doing and work on it!

Flash forward some time and my health became a bit better with management. I’m not where I used to be before becoming sick but if you just saw me without knowing me you’d think I’m as healthy as anyone! I can stand and do most things which has allowed me to expand and do this full time. We moved to Oconto for my husbands job in December of 2023 and I brought my bakery with me and it has been in full swing since.

I absolutely love it here and there are plans in progress for opening a physical bakery locally! Watching my bakery grow here has been a dream and it has allowed me to start things I’ve wanted to do for ages, like the FREE Kids Birthday Cake Program! If you haven’t heard about it, once a month I pick from a list of applicants to make a free birthday cake for! It’s my way of giving back to the community that supports me, while also helping those that I feel don’t always get the most help. I grew up low income which is why I feel so strongly about this program and why I had wanted to do it for so long. I don’t think children should have to feel the effects of todays world or financial struggles. Children should be allowed to be kids and have something to look forward to on their birthday, even if it’s just a cake. Things happen. Money gets tight. I get it. And if I could accommodate more than one cake a month I would! (There is an option to donate to the program in my store so I can accommodate more than one free kids cake a month! All funds go into an account specifically to cover material costs for it)

Anyways, thank you for taking your time to visit my online store! I can’t wait to continue this journey and hope you decide to give my goodies a try!